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Oracle® Diabetes Care Line: 1-866-829-7926
FrançaisOracle® Talking Blood Glucose Monitor
Your EZ Health® Oracle® Talking Blood Glucose Monitor is now available FREE at your local pharmacy with the purchase of 100 test strips.

Free Glucose Monitor
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Oracle® Software Downloads

EZ Health® Oracle® Diabetes Management System_Cable Software
(for Windows 10 & Windows 11)

Download the Diabetes Management Software

EZ Health® Oracle® Diabetes Management Software
(for Windows Vista/Win 7 & XP)

Download the Diabetes Management Software

In order to use the EZ Health® Oracle® Diabetes Management Software, you need to obtain a USB Adapter (optional) from Tremblay Harrison. Please call us at 1 866 829-7926. You will need to provide us with the version of your Windows Operating System.

If you already have a USB adapter, you will need to download the appropriate driver for the cable and Operating System.

Download EZ Health® Oracle® USB Adapter Driver

Cable Model       Picture Update Vista32 XP** Install Guide Driver
XP - PL2303       view picture 2007.06.05   OK Download Installation Guide Download Driver
Vista/Win7 - CP210x view picture 2009.07.16 OK OK   Download Driver

**Your Windows Operating System version should be Windows XP SP2 or later.


  • The EZ Health® Oracle® Diabetes Management System does not recommend your therapy instruction. Before determining and using the blood glucose report, please consult your Health Care Provider.

  • To avoid the possibility of electrical shock, never perform a blood glucose test while the meter is connected to the computer.

  • Upload data into a user's name only if the meter contains only that person's data. The software cannot upload a specific portion of data from a meter if data is intermixed with the data from another person.

  • The EZ Health® Oracle® Diabetes Management System is designed for optimum resolution at 1024 * 768 pixels, and ensure that the monitor's color depth is set to less than 24-bit in the Display control panel.


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