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Welcome! to the EZ Health® Oracle® family. Your Oracle® blood glucose monitoring system is designed to make home monitoring of your blood glucose easier.

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penny @ oraclediabetes . com    or call Penny at 1-866-829-7926.

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Teresa (user)
" I like Oracle® so much ..."

Jaclyn (user)
" I love my Oracle® meter because it’s so much easier to use ..."

Robin (Alliance For Equality Of Blind Canadians)
" It seems your talking glucometre is exactly what we have been waiting for ..."

Corie (Occupational Therapist)
" ... has since had her home care reduced from 4 nursing visits to 2 visits per day ..."

Gerry (user / CNIB)
" The Oracle® is small and compact, goes anywhere, and is so simple to use! ..."

Anne Chiarelli (Specialist, Low Vision / CNIB)
" It has changed my life! .... There are so many frustrations every day, thanks for eliminating one of them ..."

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